Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Undead for the Win

My current project is undead from the pirate coast of Lustria. This uses 2 units of 10 Ghouls (skinks) 10 skellies with spears (skinks with spears) 4 Wraiths 1 Banshee (Chamelon Skinks) 2 Carts (Fat Frogs) 6 Black Knights (currently brets painted black will be sarus cav)

Sunday, 19 October 2008


iPhone = magic. No really. I am not a mac fan. I use windows xp. I caught myself saying "but that is only a phone" about the N96 when comparing it to my new iPhone. Comparing the N96 with the iPhone interface is like comparing CLI (Command Line Interface) with XP on the PC i.e. night and day. If you are in doubt try one for half an hour.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

About me

I am a teacher of Business Studies. I have been a teacher of ICT and a ICT Co-ordinator (in charge of all IT in a school). I did degrees in miltary strategy, international politics, an MBA as well as a ICT Teaching course. I taught business at a "new" University. I played Rugby at a good level (Havant) with a gradual decline to my present status as a spectator. I play wargames to a good standard (won a few minor tournaments, usually do well). Mostly I play 40K and WHFB. My main armies are Blood Angels (40K) and Undead (WHFB) though I have nearly all the armies (how sad again!). I also play B5 ACTA WH ancients etc etc. I love technology.

First test

Hello world. How sad eh?